Welcome to the website supporting the MortarCheck II Mortar Durability Testing Instrument.

MortarCheck II

Do you need to check mortar mix quality for compliance to AS3700?
Would you like to have control of your mortar testing?
Would you like to get immediate results?

MortarCheck II provides confidence in mortar quality for the lifetime of a building.

MortarCheck II meets the requirements of AS 3700-2011 Masonry structures, Appendix E: Durability testing, and is used on-site to predict the durability of masonry mortar and verify compliance with the standard. MortarCheck II is also an effective tool for evaluating the relative hardness of renders, plasters, and other building materials.

The test is a calibrated mechanical scratch test simulating accelerated physical forces on masonry mortar that leads to degradation. The basis of the testing is a rigorous research program and references for papers for this are contained here.

Because the test is mechanical, the result is obtained immediately on site. There is no need to sample, send to a laboratory and then wait. This has obvious advantages in maintaining the building program.